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Hello and merry meet!

Whether you are a witch, a pagan, a mystic, something else entirely or just simply have a curious heart, you are welcome at Witchlight.  

Witchlight was created to be a refuge for all that seek the magical and mystical. In these pages we will immerse ourselves in the Tarot, spellcraft, green witchery, divination, grimoire creation, and so much more. We will also learn how to celebrate the Wheel of the Year and live closely with the natural rhythm of Mother Earth.

In addition to crafting meaningful and useful blog posts, I am excited to also venture into being a Shopkeeper! Curating a collection of Witchy clothing, home decor, tools and more has been a lot of fun. Collected from wholesalers across the web, I hope you find some goodies that delight you. New items will be added to the collections frequently! 

Thank you so much for visiting my corner of the internet, I can't wait to make more witchy friends. Let me introduce myself...

My name is Liv and I am a witch. I adore reading Tarot, working with moon magic and studying herbalism. I dabbled with witchcraft as a teen and then did not revisit it much until 2019. It has been a major part of my life ever since and I am so incredibly grateful that I was lead to rediscover it. I had a nagging urge to go buy a tarot deck that just wouldn't quit! 

The occult is a vast and wondrous thing, there are so many curiosities it makes my head spin sometimes. As an eternal student, I try to learn something new about the craft every day.

That is where the idea for Witchlight came from, to share knowledge with others and to create a community around shared longing for something other than the mundane. The vision for Witchlight is to be an essential hub for community, learning and to provide everything you need for the ultimate Witchy lifestyle. 

I hope what you find here resonates. 

With gratitude, 


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