Hex Breaker / Uncrossing Oil
Hex Breaker / Uncrossing Oil
Hex Breaker / Uncrossing Oil
Hex Breaker / Uncrossing Oil

Hex Breaker / Uncrossing Oil

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With roots reaching far back in craft lore, practitioners from across the globe have long used Uncrossings as a way to break hexes, remove curses and uncross whatever "crossing" has been put upon them by another. 

★ Plant Spirits ★

Red Chili - this spirit is fiery, hot and perfect for destroying malefic magic

Black Peppercorn - the ultimate curse-breaking spice

Sage - the supreme cleanser to clear away any remaining negative energy

Methods of Use:

☾ On skin, particularly pulse points
☾ Add to bath water
☾ Used in ritual / spellcraft
☾ Anoint candles
☾ Consecrate magical items and altar tools

Product weight 3oz in glass dropper bottle.

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